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You may have even discovered the title odd because menopause and sexual pleasure, in the exact same sentence, are brand-new to lots of people. It is really common for these words to be seen as opposites, since after the age of 50 many hormonal changes happen, particularly if we speak about sex drive.

Well, understand that it is possible to stay active even with all the hormone modifications that are so common at this stage of a woman’s life. Menopause is not a disease! In spite of fretting and, in many cases, reducing a person’s sexual hunger and quality of life, it belongs to the natural female cycle, something that sooner or later we will all face.

The bright side is that nowadays, with all the advances in research studies and innovations, we can already face menopause in a much lighter and even pleasant way. And that is the topic of our discussion today.

Do you would like to know how to face menopause without leaving sexual enjoyment aside in your regimen? Continue reading and see how this is possible!

After all, what is Menopause?

menopauseAs already pointed out, menopause is not a disease, but a natural process of the body of people who menstruate. It deserves remembering that “menopause”, according to the dictionary, is the disruption of menstruations of people who are– typically– between 45 and 55 years old.

This truth promotes hormonal changes, with an influence on different functions and strengths in the body and state of mind. For some of us menopause comes earlier, while for others it may come later on. After all, we are unique people with particularities in our organism.

What changes in the body after age 50?

The duration following menopause is marked by the steady decline of hormonal agents in the body, up until the production of these substances completely stops. When the production of progesterone and estrogen disappears, and the individual stops menstruating, menopause is decreed. From this, numerous changes start to manifest in the body.

This is the well-known phase in which the popular “heats up” occur, which are essentially spikes of heat and sweat, particularly during the night. In addition, the skin and nails can handle a drier appearance, in addition to the hair tends to fall out. Have a look at listed below the primary signs that will help you determine the arrival of this phase.

What are the primary signs of menopause?

Menopause symptoms are various according to each organism. Some individuals even need to go through treatments to keep an excellent quality of life. Hormonal agent replacement is an example, however it should only be done with the follow-up of an expert in the topic.

The primary and most apparent sign of menopause is the absence of menstruation. Other than that, some other indications may take place, particularly:

  • anxiety in more severe cases;
  • decreased sexual cravings;
  • continuous insomnia;
  • heat waves at different strengths;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • night sweats.

Each symptom can be felt slightly, moderately, or extremely. Your personal evaluation of how you are coping with each of these issues will figure out whether or not it is best to follow up with medication.

Is it possible to have sexual pleasure at this stage of life?

Menopause and sexual pleasure are not opponents– as many people believe. In this way, it is very important to stress that yes, it is completely possible to have horny, appetite and orgasm at this stage.

Although numerous struggle with a reduction in libido, that does not suggest you need to give up your sex life. When the desire is stimulated and the treatment is carried out correctly, we are fully capable of taking pleasure in extraordinary performance at the H-hour.… Read


Female sexuality has actually been significantly discussed in basic. Nevertheless, to comprehend the root of its association as a taboo topic, it is needed to look back and keep in mind the structures produced in the “origin” of humanity as we know it.

The Bible and mythology respectively point to the introduction of ladies as a repercussion of male existence. The first approach explains that Eve was created from a male’s rib, while the second develops her development through the castrated penis of a god.

Through these 2 initial hairs it is possible to better understand how we got to this point where it is so hard to liquify the precept that the female body and sexuality are a mere extension of the manly – a problem that is frequently duplicated in the medical, speculative and even on the sex education side of the discussion.

In today’s material, we mean to talk about a little about the taboo that permeates female sexuality and how it hinders women’s health, in addition to providing some misconceptions and facts on the subject. Come on ?!

But after all, why is female sexuality still a taboo?

Having sexuality and the female body linked to numerous myths and untruths has actually made us all pay a high rate that is generally connected to an essential element: social control.

This force of patriarchy over females’s bodies made gynecology, as a medical specialized, appear really late. And, even when it was developed, it was still explored as a branch that was reduced to studying the female body as an exclusively reproductive medium.

Even with the change of surroundings at the start of the 21st century, the aura that penetrates female sexuality and sexual pleasure is still really embedded in taboos and normative rules. Sadly, the various methods of feeling pleasure in the female body– in relation to the male body– is seen as a disorder, which in turn is equated by intricacies related to health, and which, consequently, require to be “tamed” and medicated.

A sexual system as complex as the female one can certainly contribute to the development of diseases and intimate infections, we have already spoken about this subject here on the blog, but relating this multiplicity to problems that develop from the contrast with male sexuality is what motivates the maintenance of the taboo around this topic.

Because we are discussing myths and taboos, how about understanding, at last, whether or not you can have sex while menstruating?

What is the importance of sexuality for a woman’s body and health?

garden_godAn active sex life is completely connected to the health of the female body, as the correct performance of the organism and mental health concerns are likewise linked to the ability to guarantee maximum sexual fulfillment.

Experts in the field who discuss a feminist gynecology explain the value of not letting the gynecological assessment become almost hormones. They argue that the space should be open to attend to all fields of sexuality.

I invite you, then, for an exercise at your next visit with the gynecologist: reveal the specialist who is seeing you that you want to talk honestly about 2 elements of your sex life. First, preventive care and, second, sexuality in practice.

In addition to the traditional exams, examining homonyms and avoiding STIs, ask questions about the entire universe of exploring the body and its sexuality– this specialist is also there for that!

This link in between sexuality and ladies’s health offers various advantages for the performance of the organism, wellness and even the mental demand required by regular practices. A few of these advantages are:

  1. Stimulation of concentration and creativity;
  2. Improved blood flow;
  3. Increased resistance;
  4. Reduction of body and muscle discomfort;
  5. Enhanced quality of sleep;
  6. Reinforcing self-confidence and self-knowledge.
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